Saturday, 11 November 2017

Angry with Modi? Think Again..

Are you feeling angry with many of the latest steps taken by Modi government? Here is an open letter to clarify your doubts which make you go against MODIfying India.

Sometimes, I feel so depressed when I see my educated friends raising their voice against Modi. And more saddening are the reasons given by them. A few say Modi keeps busy in world tours, some are not happy with GST while a few others started hating him because of demonetization. Seriously friends, think twice before forming any opinion about that man who is only working for the betterment of the nation.

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He travels around the world, though I completely understand travelling will never be the suitable word for it if we consider all the reasons for which he visits different nations. It is done to change that image of India which was built by Congress in the last 60 years. A land of snake charmers, full of dishonest people, a nation where women follow purdah system to cover their faces but are forced to defecate in the open and a nation where a woman can be left by uttering a word thrice ‘talaq, talaq, talaq’. How does it feel when you listen to these words used for our motherland? I am sure anyone with even an iota of love for Mother India would feel pinched and hurt. But, don’t expect Modi to wave a magic wand and rectify all the deformities of over 60 years with in a span of less than 4 years.

My friends, I believe no one can deny the fact how Modi first tried his best to work in those areas which affected the basic amenities provided to the people of our country. Yes, I agree there should never be encroachment in one’s privacy, but he introduced linking of adhaar card to make India rid of all those anti-social elements who have been disrupting the peace of our nation for long. And, the protests by all those who spoke against it proved how it hindered the illegal work done in the garb of earning livelihood by many. I am sure you wouldn’t talk about absolute privacy when you think about the ruckus created by Ram Rahim and the pitiful condition of women being left after talaq.

The most loved was certainly the swachch bharat abhiyan which seemed like seeing a new face of India every day. Yes, you may keep pointing fingers at the garbage still lying around, but you can’t say ‘no’ to how it changed people’s mentality and made India look cleaner and citizens more responsible towards it. Which other Prime Minister would have talked so openly about such basic problems like open defecation or women suffering on the pretext of talaq? You know the answer and if not, then a little search of the work done in the last 60 years would certainly reveal it.

I understand demonetization made many people suffer, but now whole India knows that those people mainly included the corrupt lot. If you still don’t agree, then please look back at the result of UP elections which gave awesome win to Modi and gave another wonderful leader to India in the form of Shri Adityanath Yogi. If common people had suffered, then who voted for him? Yes, you got it right, the truth is only those against this self built man just want their own progress keeping the growth of the nation at the back seat. Same with GST, please understand that even countries like Pakistan have GST. I think this one line is enough to explain why it was important to be implied in a nation like India where the role of mediators had become the point of concern for honest men dealing in various businesses.

To satisfy your curiosity, I am a middle class woman and my heart bleeds when I listen to people’s arguments against Modi. I get more scared when I think how such rotten thinking will impact our future generation.

I would not conclude by asking you to support Modi, but with a question in which I would request you to ask yourself, If not Modi, then who else? I won’t take the names here even if one is pappu playing in the name of dynasty or a lady playing dalit card, but leave it on you to decide whether you want to sit on wealth surrounded by dirt or see happy faces in a peaceful atmosphere with a little effort.

I know I can’t satisfy everyone with my viewpoint, but would certainly welcome to get your opinions in the form of comments.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Beware of Anti- Progress Anti-BJP Alliance

I am extremely amazed as to what our country considers these so called excelling writers or artists that it chose to award them! Who could not even respect such a national award so as to refuse them? Ain't that an acute insult to our country to deny such honourable awards? Do they even deserve them those who just lashed out at the government in the pretence that they are fighting for the country's cause? Oh really! Well on the contrary I think they are very thankless and shallow enough to fight for a country's cause. Is this how they want to show loyalty ? By insulting the country? Isn't India liberal enough by letting communities get away easily for a quota who incurred losses worth crores by stripping off railway tracks? Or isn't India tolerant enough to naively award a writer who didn't even spare the Mahatma Gandhi from her scathing remarks and has been consistently derogatory about the government? 

In my opinion, these people are just hypocrites who are trying to create a stunt before Bihar elections to give a tough fight to BJP. To some extent, they would win as well as most of the population is illiterate there and they would go by such stunts. To my utter dismay, why don't people understand the grand plans Shri Narendra Modi has for the country? They are swayed away by a 44 seat novice Rahul Gandhi's suit boot and foreign trip remarks. It's time to understand the politics behind all this and why all parties are joining hands together. All the other parties know that the outcome of Modi's works can change the condition of the whole country and people would never let corrupt Congress or any other party come to power again. Wake up and save your country from the grip of that dirty politics which will again take you 100 years back.

Where did the honour of these people go when a mother wailed in dismay when the culprit who murdered her daughter got away because he was a juvenile but an animal !

It looks to me a rather uncanny way of putting up a point and that too not investigated well enough. Is really the government responsible for the lynching episode? Ain't that a group of people who just thought they made rules? Isn't that the same lot who beat up girls a while ago in Bangalore just because they were wearing jeans? 
As far as I know India is the only country where people abuse, beat up, throw up,rob the country of its resources, lash out ,make their own rules, demand the illicit and still get to be Indians!If anyone really cares about a free country they must do something about it and not undo. They must make a move and not just sit and quit. They must rise and use their power against what they think is wrong and not insult the nation instead. They must try to solve matters and not create new ones. We need people who can bring honour to the country and not return it. Stop being such hypocrites that u care too much because if you do then do something about it and show your worth and not refuse worthy awards.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Who gave 44 seats to Congress in this election?

When the result of the election came out, the win of BJP was not that surprising to me as the Congress managing 44 seats. For the party, it may have shown them the mirror of defeat, but to me it was a shock. Who were those people who still voted for Congress which made the country a corruption land in the last 60 years?

It was really good to see the awareness of the people which saved the country from the next coalition government, but the need is to bring awareness in those who still trust Congress, the maa-beta sarkar as Modiji rightly says.

It is the time to make India free from all such corrupt parties and make it a safe place to live. In the name of secularism, Congress had started eating even the bones of the nation. It was not secularism, but a dirty politics to get minority votes. The best part is that minority has also understood the game politics now and made the right party win this time.

I can’t be sure about the whole party, but under Modi’s governance India’s progress will certainly scale new heights. It is indefinitely possible to see dreams now rather than thinking that the system is rotten and can’t ever be repaired.

So, coming back to my question, the need is to sensitize people and not let any such family party rule again. Congress party! If you really want to rise, please get out of the Gandhi parivar tag and search for some new faces who can actually work. You need to build a party which can come out of the extra marital relationships of Digvijay and Shashi Tharoor and think about forming ground relationships with people.

To Mr. Narendra Modi, from a Young Lady

First of all, I congratulate you on such a great achievement and occupying a position that you and mainly India truly deserved. I am quite hopeful that you would be able to take India to new heights whether it’s in the field of technological development or economical development.

Sir, what I am concerned about is the present education system of the nation. You have given the ministry to a very responsible lady who will surely do a lot in the field to ensure its enhancement. However, we need to go really deep into the intricacies of the system and understand its loopholes. You must be thinking why I have written mainly about this area. So, the simplest answer is I am a teacher by profession and following CCE system for the last 2 years of my career. I know 2 years is a short span to call oneself really experienced, but it is a long time to understand the teaching system.

The continuous comprehensive evaluation system has largely made our education system handicapped. I understand it has reduced the burden from the students and made their life skills more efficient, but what about the knowledge factor sir? It was only education system which made even Americans trust on Indian doctors or engineers, but the present system is largely disabling the children.

It has made the children not stress free, but completely free who know that they can’t be failed. On the other hand, as a teacher I feel that it has only over burdened the teachers with more of clerical work than the actual teaching work.

I hope you will try to peek into the system and change it in order to make Indian children a really knowledgeable lot.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Neither Muslims nor Hindus, But an Indian

It seems that India is showing the spirit of secularism in a beautiful manner in spreading the net of terrorism rather than in uniting the citizens. First, Muslims were targeted which earned the criticism of the Hindus and now Hindus have been pointed out which has become the talk of the day. So, leaving the controversies behind, the conclusion comes out crystal clear that culprits are there in both the religions whose primary aim is to terrorize the Indians. Hindus blame the Muslims and Muslims blame the Hindus but the ultimate sufferer always remains the one, the home of both the communities which we call India. What will you call this? 

Should it be called the secularism of religion or the secularism of division?

Since the time of the Jaipur blasts, the newspapers started highlighting the names of the culprits who were involved in the crime but never did I hear a person showing his astonishment over the deteriorating mindset of the Indians. But the controversies always remained confined to a particular religion. A few days back, the finger was raised at the tenets of Islam and even the newspapers published debates on the mind sets of Muslims and now everyone's eyes have turned towards the teachings of Hinduism. I ask how one dare even call such culprits humans. Yes, they are not even human who dare to snatch the most precious gift of the almighty, a person's life.

Why don't we join our hands against terrorism instead of Islam or Hinduism? Yes, those people don't belong to any religion and the only thing they believe in or worship is terrorism. Why do we blame each other? A black sheep is present in every class so better the spot are washed rather than blackening the whole class.

Whether it's a Hindu or a Muslim, their crime shouldn't be divided on the basis of religion as both don't deserve to be included in any religion. They only follow the religion of division and their aim is to terrorize and divide the Indians.

The need of the day is to unite the Indians and not just any particular religion against the web of terrorism. Our mother is one then how can we be different. We share the same soil and follow the same education but why we don't retain the same when it comes to preserve and protect the integrity of our nation.

Hey Indians! We are one community. Different are those who try to divide us and kill us. Rather than pointing towards each other, let's outcast them who defame our existence. The spot of terrorism can't be washed till the time we come together on a single platform and prove that before being Muslims or Hindus, we belong to the supreme community of Indians.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Election Without the Right Selection

Who deserves to be the prime minister? Is there a single leader who is fighting for the nation? Is there anyone considered about the welfare of the citizens? Very few who work are overpowered by the towering of the corrupt leaders. In a world where a person has to squeeze time out of his busy schedule to attend the parents –teachers meeting in the school of his own blood, will that same man be able to know about such a huge crowd of the politicians? Will he even care to choose among them or show his keenness to know about them? Yes, he may vote but not for a leader or a party working for the present India but a party to which his ancestors have been voting for.

The time is to choose the cream and select the best out of that cream. Who holds the responsibility to clean this dirt out of the nation? If we depend on the leaders then a second thought is very necessary. The common man needs to raise his voice and the educated class should understand the gravity of the situation. For what sake is such a huge amount spent on these elections? Is five years not enough for a party or a leader to prove himself that a campaign is required to befool the innocent population?

Astonishingly, power cut is reduced to zero hours at the time of elections and water becomes available everywhere. Can you even imagine the level of development which can be brought by the amount of money spent in the advertisements by different parties? 

Why should a leader be made the prime minister if he can’t show the majority without the support of other parties? Is the motive of the small parties only limited to getting a share in the ruling parties by becoming a part of the government? If we had only parties, then this should never have been the case and the common men would have also got a chance to know their leaders a little closely.

There are many things which need to be revived in India but the first thing needs to be started from the top which is the respect of our nation. Better will those be politicians who would wear pant shirts but at least won’t have black spots hidden deep in the brightness of their white kurtas. These issues should be raised and explained with solutions in the textbooks of the school children so that they understand the seriousness of the situation when become ready to vote.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Wake Up, India!!

Some or the other ruled over India till the date of independence. Imaginative moments of peace were always covered by the bloodshed in reality. And since the date of independence, the web of terrorism covered the whole nation. 

Why is India always the target? Tell me even a single instance when my motherland tried to harm others. What was the fault of those Indians who were killed in Hyderabad blasts? I ask those people who feel proud of killing themselves for killing others. They call it freedom. Every religion of the world teaches patience and forgiveness, then why these murders of the innocent people. If a soul can't respect another soul, then which for which respect they are craving. What kind of satisfaction is that which takes away one's life? What kind of happiness is that which enjoys others tears? Even a war is fought face to face, then why these attacks in hiding. If we are at fault, why don't they talk face to face? 

The god watches everything. People who die for killing others are not even aware of the later consequences. They give their own life and call it sacrifice. But, what kind of sacrifice is that which can't even win the praise of others? Have they seen the life after death? How can they even think of heaven for making others lives hell? Is it fair to kill those who aren't even aware of the cause for their fury? 

Just imagine the purpose of their lives, born to snatch others rights of living. I know, many people involved in such acts count the past accidents which have happened with them and proof those causes as the valid reason for their activities. For example, if we take the incidence of Gujrat riots, many people were burnt alive and many were also there who watched their families being burnt by others. And yes, out of depression and feelings of revenge, anyone can become an easy prey of such deadly groups. But, before entering into that deadly world, why not punish only those people who made you suffer? Why does the entire society be made victim? In that society, some people may be your friends who would have actually cried on your situation at that point. In such situations, people blame the administration and police and say as they didn't listen to so they chose terrorism as the last option. Ask your inner soul, should that be the answer? Look at yourself and those people who inject poison in your mind and heart just to make your feelings more poisonous in order to stand against humanity. What life are you living? Why do you make yourself devoid of the right to happiness, right to celebrate with your family, right to lead a responsible life loving others and being loved by others? Search the core of your heart, and contemplate on the things to know if those really give you happiness or you do them only to relieve your frustration. Does this gifted life hold only this much importance for you? 

And what about those who are suffering the wrath of such attacks in India or who have already lost their near and dear ones in such attacks? I can only sympathize with them but the pain they must be going through can't be understood by anyone. People, I would like to request you not to become completely dependent on the administration and the police as they are also formed of and by us. Now, it's the time for each and every citizen of the nation to become vigilant. Think of the time of independence when people were not so educated or connected to the world through globalization. If they could fight for their rights, why can not the modern Indians? How many of us read the history of a leader for whom we vote? Till now, people simply vote for the parties for whom their generations have been voting. The world has changed, haven't the parties and leaders also changed? So, why is this stubbornness? 

Wearing dhoti kurta doesn't symbolize clean politics; clarity should be in the heart. We read newspapers daily; see murders and rapes and scandals, how many of us actually give a thought to it? To avoid this, all of us have a simple escape, this is daily news, and what can I do alone? Ask yourself if you ever tried to make others think in the same direction. Without anyone taking the step to ignite this feeling, how will the fire spread? The spark is in everyone and everywhere and also visible when people gather and criticize the situation of the politics and the nation. But, whom do we criticize, none other than ourselves? Politicians in thousands of scandals with millions of bank balance sit in our parliaments. What expectation can be levied on such people? 

So, wake up, Indians! Your motherland once again needs you. Watching others dieing, don't wait for the time to let your loved ones die in the same way. Wake up!! Let's join hands and throw all such dirt out of the nation. We are the makers and being the largest democracy of the world, let's snatch our powers. Let's show the world that the tolerance of India has crossed its limits. If we can make others understand with love and patience, then can also punish those who try to check our patience. Don't forget, our motherland is the amalgamation of fighters like both Gandhi ji and Bhagat Singh. Come, whoever you are in favor of this nation and to fight against the sufferings, I will be first to encourage you and join hands with you.