Thursday, 29 May 2014

Who gave 44 seats to Congress in this election?

When the result of the election came out, the win of BJP was not that surprising to me as the Congress managing 44 seats. For the party, it may have shown them the mirror of defeat, but to me it was a shock. Who were those people who still voted for Congress which made the country a corruption land in the last 60 years?

It was really good to see the awareness of the people which saved the country from the next coalition government, but the need is to bring awareness in those who still trust Congress, the maa-beta sarkar as Modiji rightly says.

It is the time to make India free from all such corrupt parties and make it a safe place to live. In the name of secularism, Congress had started eating even the bones of the nation. It was not secularism, but a dirty politics to get minority votes. The best part is that minority has also understood the game politics now and made the right party win this time.

I can’t be sure about the whole party, but under Modi’s governance India’s progress will certainly scale new heights. It is indefinitely possible to see dreams now rather than thinking that the system is rotten and can’t ever be repaired.

So, coming back to my question, the need is to sensitize people and not let any such family party rule again. Congress party! If you really want to rise, please get out of the Gandhi parivar tag and search for some new faces who can actually work. You need to build a party which can come out of the extra marital relationships of Digvijay and Shashi Tharoor and think about forming ground relationships with people.

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