Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Beware of Anti- Progress Anti-BJP Alliance

I am extremely amazed as to what our country considers these so called excelling writers or artists that it chose to award them! Who could not even respect such a national award so as to refuse them? Ain't that an acute insult to our country to deny such honourable awards? Do they even deserve them those who just lashed out at the government in the pretence that they are fighting for the country's cause? Oh really! Well on the contrary I think they are very thankless and shallow enough to fight for a country's cause. Is this how they want to show loyalty ? By insulting the country? Isn't India liberal enough by letting communities get away easily for a quota who incurred losses worth crores by stripping off railway tracks? Or isn't India tolerant enough to naively award a writer who didn't even spare the Mahatma Gandhi from her scathing remarks and has been consistently derogatory about the government? 

In my opinion, these people are just hypocrites who are trying to create a stunt before Bihar elections to give a tough fight to BJP. To some extent, they would win as well as most of the population is illiterate there and they would go by such stunts. To my utter dismay, why don't people understand the grand plans Shri Narendra Modi has for the country? They are swayed away by a 44 seat novice Rahul Gandhi's suit boot and foreign trip remarks. It's time to understand the politics behind all this and why all parties are joining hands together. All the other parties know that the outcome of Modi's works can change the condition of the whole country and people would never let corrupt Congress or any other party come to power again. Wake up and save your country from the grip of that dirty politics which will again take you 100 years back.

Where did the honour of these people go when a mother wailed in dismay when the culprit who murdered her daughter got away because he was a juvenile but an animal !

It looks to me a rather uncanny way of putting up a point and that too not investigated well enough. Is really the government responsible for the lynching episode? Ain't that a group of people who just thought they made rules? Isn't that the same lot who beat up girls a while ago in Bangalore just because they were wearing jeans? 
As far as I know India is the only country where people abuse, beat up, throw up,rob the country of its resources, lash out ,make their own rules, demand the illicit and still get to be Indians!If anyone really cares about a free country they must do something about it and not undo. They must make a move and not just sit and quit. They must rise and use their power against what they think is wrong and not insult the nation instead. They must try to solve matters and not create new ones. We need people who can bring honour to the country and not return it. Stop being such hypocrites that u care too much because if you do then do something about it and show your worth and not refuse worthy awards.