Saturday, 11 November 2017

Angry with Modi? Think Again..

Are you feeling angry with many of the latest steps taken by Modi government? Here is an open letter to clarify your doubts which make you go against MODIfying India.

Sometimes, I feel so depressed when I see my educated friends raising their voice against Modi. And more saddening are the reasons given by them. A few say Modi keeps busy in world tours, some are not happy with GST while a few others started hating him because of demonetization. Seriously friends, think twice before forming any opinion about that man who is only working for the betterment of the nation.

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He travels around the world, though I completely understand travelling will never be the suitable word for it if we consider all the reasons for which he visits different nations. It is done to change that image of India which was built by Congress in the last 60 years. A land of snake charmers, full of dishonest people, a nation where women follow purdah system to cover their faces but are forced to defecate in the open and a nation where a woman can be left by uttering a word thrice ‘talaq, talaq, talaq’. How does it feel when you listen to these words used for our motherland? I am sure anyone with even an iota of love for Mother India would feel pinched and hurt. But, don’t expect Modi to wave a magic wand and rectify all the deformities of over 60 years with in a span of less than 4 years.

My friends, I believe no one can deny the fact how Modi first tried his best to work in those areas which affected the basic amenities provided to the people of our country. Yes, I agree there should never be encroachment in one’s privacy, but he introduced linking of adhaar card to make India rid of all those anti-social elements who have been disrupting the peace of our nation for long. And, the protests by all those who spoke against it proved how it hindered the illegal work done in the garb of earning livelihood by many. I am sure you wouldn’t talk about absolute privacy when you think about the ruckus created by Ram Rahim and the pitiful condition of women being left after talaq.

The most loved was certainly the swachch bharat abhiyan which seemed like seeing a new face of India every day. Yes, you may keep pointing fingers at the garbage still lying around, but you can’t say ‘no’ to how it changed people’s mentality and made India look cleaner and citizens more responsible towards it. Which other Prime Minister would have talked so openly about such basic problems like open defecation or women suffering on the pretext of talaq? You know the answer and if not, then a little search of the work done in the last 60 years would certainly reveal it.

I understand demonetization made many people suffer, but now whole India knows that those people mainly included the corrupt lot. If you still don’t agree, then please look back at the result of UP elections which gave awesome win to Modi and gave another wonderful leader to India in the form of Shri Adityanath Yogi. If common people had suffered, then who voted for him? Yes, you got it right, the truth is only those against this self built man just want their own progress keeping the growth of the nation at the back seat. Same with GST, please understand that even countries like Pakistan have GST. I think this one line is enough to explain why it was important to be implied in a nation like India where the role of mediators had become the point of concern for honest men dealing in various businesses.

To satisfy your curiosity, I am a middle class woman and my heart bleeds when I listen to people’s arguments against Modi. I get more scared when I think how such rotten thinking will impact our future generation.

I would not conclude by asking you to support Modi, but with a question in which I would request you to ask yourself, If not Modi, then who else? I won’t take the names here even if one is pappu playing in the name of dynasty or a lady playing dalit card, but leave it on you to decide whether you want to sit on wealth surrounded by dirt or see happy faces in a peaceful atmosphere with a little effort.

I know I can’t satisfy everyone with my viewpoint, but would certainly welcome to get your opinions in the form of comments.