Friday, 8 March 2013

Neither Muslims nor Hindus, But an Indian

It seems that India is showing the spirit of secularism in a beautiful manner in spreading the net of terrorism rather than in uniting the citizens. First, Muslims were targeted which earned the criticism of the Hindus and now Hindus have been pointed out which has become the talk of the day. So, leaving the controversies behind, the conclusion comes out crystal clear that culprits are there in both the religions whose primary aim is to terrorize the Indians. Hindus blame the Muslims and Muslims blame the Hindus but the ultimate sufferer always remains the one, the home of both the communities which we call India. What will you call this? 

Should it be called the secularism of religion or the secularism of division?

Since the time of the Jaipur blasts, the newspapers started highlighting the names of the culprits who were involved in the crime but never did I hear a person showing his astonishment over the deteriorating mindset of the Indians. But the controversies always remained confined to a particular religion. A few days back, the finger was raised at the tenets of Islam and even the newspapers published debates on the mind sets of Muslims and now everyone's eyes have turned towards the teachings of Hinduism. I ask how one dare even call such culprits humans. Yes, they are not even human who dare to snatch the most precious gift of the almighty, a person's life.

Why don't we join our hands against terrorism instead of Islam or Hinduism? Yes, those people don't belong to any religion and the only thing they believe in or worship is terrorism. Why do we blame each other? A black sheep is present in every class so better the spot are washed rather than blackening the whole class.

Whether it's a Hindu or a Muslim, their crime shouldn't be divided on the basis of religion as both don't deserve to be included in any religion. They only follow the religion of division and their aim is to terrorize and divide the Indians.

The need of the day is to unite the Indians and not just any particular religion against the web of terrorism. Our mother is one then how can we be different. We share the same soil and follow the same education but why we don't retain the same when it comes to preserve and protect the integrity of our nation.

Hey Indians! We are one community. Different are those who try to divide us and kill us. Rather than pointing towards each other, let's outcast them who defame our existence. The spot of terrorism can't be washed till the time we come together on a single platform and prove that before being Muslims or Hindus, we belong to the supreme community of Indians.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Election Without the Right Selection

Who deserves to be the prime minister? Is there a single leader who is fighting for the nation? Is there anyone considered about the welfare of the citizens? Very few who work are overpowered by the towering of the corrupt leaders. In a world where a person has to squeeze time out of his busy schedule to attend the parents –teachers meeting in the school of his own blood, will that same man be able to know about such a huge crowd of the politicians? Will he even care to choose among them or show his keenness to know about them? Yes, he may vote but not for a leader or a party working for the present India but a party to which his ancestors have been voting for.

The time is to choose the cream and select the best out of that cream. Who holds the responsibility to clean this dirt out of the nation? If we depend on the leaders then a second thought is very necessary. The common man needs to raise his voice and the educated class should understand the gravity of the situation. For what sake is such a huge amount spent on these elections? Is five years not enough for a party or a leader to prove himself that a campaign is required to befool the innocent population?

Astonishingly, power cut is reduced to zero hours at the time of elections and water becomes available everywhere. Can you even imagine the level of development which can be brought by the amount of money spent in the advertisements by different parties? 

Why should a leader be made the prime minister if he can’t show the majority without the support of other parties? Is the motive of the small parties only limited to getting a share in the ruling parties by becoming a part of the government? If we had only parties, then this should never have been the case and the common men would have also got a chance to know their leaders a little closely.

There are many things which need to be revived in India but the first thing needs to be started from the top which is the respect of our nation. Better will those be politicians who would wear pant shirts but at least won’t have black spots hidden deep in the brightness of their white kurtas. These issues should be raised and explained with solutions in the textbooks of the school children so that they understand the seriousness of the situation when become ready to vote.