Friday, 22 February 2013

Wake Up, India!!

Some or the other ruled over India till the date of independence. Imaginative moments of peace were always covered by the bloodshed in reality. And since the date of independence, the web of terrorism covered the whole nation. 

Why is India always the target? Tell me even a single instance when my motherland tried to harm others. What was the fault of those Indians who were killed in Hyderabad blasts? I ask those people who feel proud of killing themselves for killing others. They call it freedom. Every religion of the world teaches patience and forgiveness, then why these murders of the innocent people. If a soul can't respect another soul, then which for which respect they are craving. What kind of satisfaction is that which takes away one's life? What kind of happiness is that which enjoys others tears? Even a war is fought face to face, then why these attacks in hiding. If we are at fault, why don't they talk face to face? 

The god watches everything. People who die for killing others are not even aware of the later consequences. They give their own life and call it sacrifice. But, what kind of sacrifice is that which can't even win the praise of others? Have they seen the life after death? How can they even think of heaven for making others lives hell? Is it fair to kill those who aren't even aware of the cause for their fury? 

Just imagine the purpose of their lives, born to snatch others rights of living. I know, many people involved in such acts count the past accidents which have happened with them and proof those causes as the valid reason for their activities. For example, if we take the incidence of Gujrat riots, many people were burnt alive and many were also there who watched their families being burnt by others. And yes, out of depression and feelings of revenge, anyone can become an easy prey of such deadly groups. But, before entering into that deadly world, why not punish only those people who made you suffer? Why does the entire society be made victim? In that society, some people may be your friends who would have actually cried on your situation at that point. In such situations, people blame the administration and police and say as they didn't listen to so they chose terrorism as the last option. Ask your inner soul, should that be the answer? Look at yourself and those people who inject poison in your mind and heart just to make your feelings more poisonous in order to stand against humanity. What life are you living? Why do you make yourself devoid of the right to happiness, right to celebrate with your family, right to lead a responsible life loving others and being loved by others? Search the core of your heart, and contemplate on the things to know if those really give you happiness or you do them only to relieve your frustration. Does this gifted life hold only this much importance for you? 

And what about those who are suffering the wrath of such attacks in India or who have already lost their near and dear ones in such attacks? I can only sympathize with them but the pain they must be going through can't be understood by anyone. People, I would like to request you not to become completely dependent on the administration and the police as they are also formed of and by us. Now, it's the time for each and every citizen of the nation to become vigilant. Think of the time of independence when people were not so educated or connected to the world through globalization. If they could fight for their rights, why can not the modern Indians? How many of us read the history of a leader for whom we vote? Till now, people simply vote for the parties for whom their generations have been voting. The world has changed, haven't the parties and leaders also changed? So, why is this stubbornness? 

Wearing dhoti kurta doesn't symbolize clean politics; clarity should be in the heart. We read newspapers daily; see murders and rapes and scandals, how many of us actually give a thought to it? To avoid this, all of us have a simple escape, this is daily news, and what can I do alone? Ask yourself if you ever tried to make others think in the same direction. Without anyone taking the step to ignite this feeling, how will the fire spread? The spark is in everyone and everywhere and also visible when people gather and criticize the situation of the politics and the nation. But, whom do we criticize, none other than ourselves? Politicians in thousands of scandals with millions of bank balance sit in our parliaments. What expectation can be levied on such people? 

So, wake up, Indians! Your motherland once again needs you. Watching others dieing, don't wait for the time to let your loved ones die in the same way. Wake up!! Let's join hands and throw all such dirt out of the nation. We are the makers and being the largest democracy of the world, let's snatch our powers. Let's show the world that the tolerance of India has crossed its limits. If we can make others understand with love and patience, then can also punish those who try to check our patience. Don't forget, our motherland is the amalgamation of fighters like both Gandhi ji and Bhagat Singh. Come, whoever you are in favor of this nation and to fight against the sufferings, I will be first to encourage you and join hands with you. 

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